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Wondering what the real difference between a truck and an SUV is? Looking for increased hauling and towing capability? Whatever the reason, Fort Walton Beach, FL drivers can look Pete Moore Chevrolet for assistance!

Stuck between a used truck or used SUV? Not literally – just in the buying sense. Fear not, drivers can check out our overview of used trucks vs. used SUVs! From pure hauler and towers to versatile family-centric SUVs, drivers can look to Pete Moore Chevrolet with confidence!

Used SUV

Used SUVs are an excellent family or personal commuter vehicle. From having multiple rows of seating (two- to three-rows) to packing a spacious interior and decent efficiency, SUVs are well balanced for multiple needs. Beyond this, Panama City, FL drivers can look to SUVs for a decent amount of off-road capability (depending on the model selected), solid power, and extensive tech and comfort options.

Used Truck

Trucks are built to take on tough tasks. Whether you’re looking for a used truck for your jobsite or you’re looking for a personal errand-doer, trucks are likely what you’re after. If you’re looking to tow and haul, a full-sized truck is an excellent vehicle to consider. From Chevy 1500 models to Chevy 2500 and 3500 models, Milton, FL drivers can look to a host of used Chevy trucks at Pete Moore Chevrolet!

Beyond Buying – The Pete Moore Chevrolet Experience

Have a few questions about the vehicle buying process? Stop by our dealership from Fort Walton Beach, FL to check out our latest selection of used SUVs and trucks! Whether you’re set on a truck or SUV, our team of professionals is ready to assist Panama City, FL drivers! Stop by our dealership from Pensacola or Gulf Breeze to test drive a used SUV or truck today!

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