Chevy Oil Change in Pensacola, FL

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Chevy Oil Change in Pensacola, FL

For a quick oil change nearby that you can count on, come to the Pete Moore Chevrolet service center. The highly trained technicians at our Pensacola Chevy dealership are committed to keeping your vehicle in tiptop shape and can help with all your oil and filter service needs. Whether you're curious about the proper Chevy oil change intervals or want to know what type of motor oil your Chevy truck, SUV or sedan needs, you can contact our nearby car dealer and speak with our experts. From Silverado 1500 oil change service to Equinox oil filter changes, we have you covered!

How Often Should I Get Chevy Oil Change?

  • At least once every 5,000 miles or six months
  • Follow your factory-recommended schedule
  • Consider factors such as your commute, how you drive and road conditions 

We recommend that you check your Chevy owner’s manual and follow the maintenance schedule within. It’s worth noting that every car is different, and factors such as your commute, how you drive and the conditions you drive in can all impact how often you should change your vehicle’s oil. That being said, a good rule of thumb is to get a regular or full synthetic oil change at least once every 5,000 miles or six months, whichever comes first. Not sure when you received your last Chevy oil change? You can pop the hood and check to see if your oil level is low or if the engine’s oil is dark in color. Can’t find your factory-recommended Chevrolet oil change schedule? Reach out to our Pensacola Chevy service center, and we can advise you.

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Chevrolet Oil Change Prices near Me

Curious about Chevy oil change price options? Our local Chevy dealer in West Florida boasts a highly trained service staff that will provide your vehicle with a full synthetic oil change at a great price. At Pete Moore Chevrolet, you can rely on customer-focused service that gives you peace of mind. So, next time you need a quick oil change, bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop in Pensacola knowing you will receive terrific service at a reasonable cost.

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Directions to Oil Change Service Center in Pensacola, FL

Searching for "oil change specials near me?" If so, rest assured that it’s easy to get to Pete Moore Chevrolet! Our Chevy oil change center is located at 103 New Warrington Road in Pensacola, which places us just a short drive away from Navarre, Pace and Daphne, AL. Don’t drive a Chevy model? We can still provide you with quick oil change service for your make and model!


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